What is the XRD Software Update Message on Mac OS?

Have you noticed a pesky lit­tle pro­gram called “XRD Soft­ware Update” pop­ping up in the dock on your Mac? This mys­te­ri­ous soft­ware will keep pop­ping up even after you close it, but it’s not clear what XRD Soft­ware Update is, what it is sup­posed to do, and how you can delete it. Here we will explain what XRD does and how to solve this annoy­ing prob­lem on Mac computers.

What is XRD Software Update

XRD Soft­ware Update han­dles auto­mat­ic updates for X‑Rite Device Ser­vices (XRD) 3.0.101, the dis­play cal­i­bra­tion soft­ware that comes with i1Profiler 3.1.1 and i1Studio 1.5.1. XRD seems to check for updates on a very fre­quent basis, result­ing in need­less pop-ups. You may also see this error if you have installed col­or cal­i­bra­tion soft­ware affil­i­at­ed with X‑Rite through third par­ties, most notably the Pan­tone Col­or Man­age­ment software.

How to disable the XRD Software Update Message

XRD software update installation
Updat­ing to the lat­est soft­ware is the eas­i­est solution.

There are three ways you can dis­able this mes­sage on Mac:

  1. Update i1Profiler or i1Studio to the lat­est ver­sion. Updat­ing the soft­ware to the lat­est ver­sion will stop the update ser­vice from launch­ing. Note that you must restart your Mac after instal­la­tion, so plan ahead.
  2. Use AppZap­per to remove annoy­ing apps. This tool is amaz­ing for get­ting rid of pesky apps. Unin­stalling XRD will not affect your col­or pro­files or X‑Rite software.
  3. Remove the .plst file. Go to Mac­in­tosh HD>Library>LaunchAgents in Find­er. Search for com.xrite.device.softwareupdate.plist and delete it.

Alternative Solution: Switch to DisplayCal

Dis­play­Cal has more fea­tures than X‑Rite and is also sur­pris­ing­ly eas­i­er to use. Best of all, it’s free!

News flash: you don’t need to use the X‑Rite soft­ware that came with your X‑Rite col­orime­ter. It’s pos­si­ble to use the hard­ware with oth­er soft­ware such as the open source Dis­play­Cal to cal­i­brate your mon­i­tor. Just be sure to unin­stall the X‑Rite soft­ware first.

Fans of Dis­play­Cal report that it is faster, more reli­able, and has more fea­tures than the soft­ware from X‑rite.

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