The Best Alternatives to Imgur Image Hosting

Still using imgur but annoyed by the intru­sive adver­tis­ing? What was once a one-click image host­ing plat­form has turned into a roy­al pain in the arse filled chock-full of intrustive ads. Many users report hav­ing to watch long ads before upload­ing images.  This, com­bined with changes in the site’s mod­er­a­tion pol­i­cy, has many users flock­ing for alter­na­tives. We’ve put togeth­er a list of sim­ple “set and it and for­get it” alter­na­tives to imgur for image hosting.

1. Imgbox image hosting

imgbox screenshot
Img­box is very sim­i­lar to the imgur of lore.

Img­box is very sim­i­lar to old­er ver­sions of imgur. The site offers some key ben­e­fits, includ­ing unlim­it­ed stor­age space and unlim­it­ed stor­age time. It also sup­ports hotlinks and is faster than some of the oth­er sites we have includ­ed in this list.

Like all sites, Img­Box enforces a max­i­mum file size — in this case it is 10 MB. Like TinyPic, you can upload both images and videos. If you upload an image, JPG, GIF and PNG files are sup­port­ed. How­ev­er, the lack of ads and very sim­ple inter­face wins us over.

2. Kek​.gg– another good imgur alternative

Kek​.gg is a sim­i­lar ad-free image host com­mit­ted to pri­va­cy. We like it because it is so easy to use with no bells and whis­tles. Just upload an image and you’re done. The site sup­ports drag-and-drop as well as upload­ing from a spe­cif­ic fold­er on your com­put­er. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, there is a 5Mb file size lim­it and Kek​.gg does not inform you when this has been reached.

3. Postimages

Pos­tim­ages is a free ser­vice pri­mar­i­ly aimed at peo­ple who want to post images on forums. It also offers a unique fea­ture that allows you to use the site as a way to host images for eBay.

For anony­mous upload­ers and free accounts, the file size is restrict­ed. Your image can­not be larg­er than 12 MB or 10,000 x 10,000 pix­els. If you pay for a pre­mi­um account, this lim­it is increased to 24 MB.

One thing not to like about Pos­tim­ages is the large num­ber of ads. How­ev­er the free file size lim­it is much more gen­er­ous, so it’s a worth­while trade-off.

4. ImgPile: Upload 100 MB images

Img­Pile is a great alter­na­tive to imgur for upload­ing large files.

Img­Pile is a less­er-known imgur alter­na­tive with a whop­ping 100 MB file size lim­it, mak­ing it one of the best alter­na­tives for those with large pho­tos. They explic­i­ty allow hotlink­ing, which is use­ful for forum posters and eBay sellers.

5. Ipfs​.pics: As simple as it gets

Ipfs is com­plete­ly open source and decentralized.

Look­ing for absolute sim­plic­i­ty? Ipfs​.pics has your back. The last site on our list offers a drag-and-drop solu­tion for file shar­ing. Just move the file you want to share into the screen box and the web app takes care of the rest. You are unfor­tu­nate­ly lim­it­ed to 2 MB files, but among the ser­vices list, Ipfs is the most pri­va­cy-aware. The ser­vice is 100% decen­tral­ized and open source– any­one can view the code.

Other replacements for Imgur to consider

There are oth­er options for replac­ing Imgur besides the free image hosts list­ed above. Red­dit now offers direct image upload­ing and host­ing across its plat­form, elim­i­nat­ing one of the most com­mon use cas­es for Imgur. Final­ly, if you have espe­cial­ly large files, many pho­tos, or just val­ue secu­ri­ty, a paid image host­ing ser­vice such as Pho­to­buck­et might be worth the investment.


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