Submission Guidelines

We think every photo submitted at Wunderstock is wonderful, but we can’t always accept everything. This usually happens when a photo does not meet our technical or editorial requirements.

Common Technical Issues

  • The photo is out of focus or blurry
  • The image is overexposed or underexposed
  • The image has noise or visual defects when viewed at full-size
  • Your submission is not a photo
  • Your submission contains a watermark, border or added text

Common Editorial Issues

  • We already have too many photos of a given subject
  • The image is over-edited (too much HDR, too many filters, vignettnetting, etc.)
  • The image does not effectively communicate a concept or idea

Maximizing your chances for acceptance

  • Submit high-quality, unique images that tell a story
  • Shoot with a DSLR or modern smartphone
  • Don’t overuse filters or push the contrast too high. Aim for a natural feel with a bit of a pop.
  • Keep in mind that what looks great on Instagram at low resolution may not look the same when viewed on a computer at high resolution.

Getting started

Create an account at Wunderstock to submit your first photos. If you’re unsure if your photos are a good fit or not, just submit a few and see! You’re also welcome to contact us for feedback at

Photo by Jay-Ruzesky on Wunderstock (license)

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