Submission Guidelines

We think every pho­to sub­mit­ted at Wun­der­stock is won­der­ful, but we can’t always accept every­thing. This usu­al­ly hap­pens when a pho­to does not meet our tech­ni­cal or edi­to­r­i­al requirements.

Common Technical Issues

  • The pho­to is out of focus or blurry
  • The image is over­ex­posed or underexposed
  • The image has noise or visu­al defects when viewed at full-size
  • Your sub­mis­sion is not a photo
  • Your sub­mis­sion con­tains a water­mark, bor­der or added text

Common Editorial Issues

  • We already have too many pho­tos of a giv­en subject
  • The image is over-edit­ed (too much HDR, too many fil­ters, vignettnet­ting, etc.)
  • The image does not effec­tive­ly com­mu­ni­cate a con­cept or idea

Maximizing your chances for acceptance

  • Sub­mit high-qual­i­ty, unique images that tell a story
  • Shoot with a DSLR or mod­ern smartphone
  • Don’t overuse fil­ters or push the con­trast too high. Aim for a nat­ur­al feel with a bit of a pop.
  • Keep in mind that what looks great on Insta­gram at low res­o­lu­tion may not look the same when viewed on a com­put­er at high resolution.

Getting started

Cre­ate an account at Wun­der­stock to sub­mit your first pho­tos. If you’re unsure if your pho­tos are a good fit or not, just sub­mit a few and see! You’re also wel­come to con­tact us for feed­back at

Fea­ture pho­to: Tamar­cus-Brown on Wun­der­stock


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