Is GIMP safe?

Do you want to make your pic­tures look good? Well, all you need is pho­to edit­ing soft­ware! Nowa­days, most peo­ple use pho­to edit­ing soft­ware to make their pic­tures look more crisp, beau­ti­ful and rede­fined. There are dif­fer­ent types of pho­to edit­ing soft­ware avail­able online. How­ev­er, most of the soft­ware is paid and expen­sive. If you want to pay for pho­to edit­ing soft­ware, you can use GIMP. How­ev­er, many peo­ple are con­cerned about the safe­ty of using GIMP as it is a free pro­gram. Here, we are going to dis­cuss if GIMP is safe to use and how to down­load it safe­ly on your computer.

So Just What Is GIMP, Anyway?

GIMP is a cross-plat­form pho­to edit­ing soft­ware. You can use this soft­ware for edit­ing pic­tures. It stands for GNU Image Manip­u­la­tion Pro­gram. It was launched on 15th Feb­ru­ary 1996. The main rea­son why many peo­ple use this soft­ware is that it is avail­able for free. It is an open-source graph­ics pro­gram that is com­pat­i­ble with all types of OS. You can use this tool with Win­dows, macOS, Lin­ux, and many oth­er Oper­at­ing Sys­tems. Anoth­er advan­tage of using GIMP is that any­one can eas­i­ly make changes in its source code. This way, you can fur­ther dis­trib­ute it with changes.

This sim­ple image edi­tor con­tains amaz­ing tools and fea­tures. You can use this soft­ware for graph­ic design­ing, illus­tra­tion as well as pho­tog­ra­phy. It is the best alter­na­tive for paid pho­to edit­ing soft­ware like Pho­to­shop, Adobe Illus­tra­tor and Corel­Draw. It is also a bet­ter option than tor­rent­ing Pho­to­shop. With this tool, you can eas­i­ly remove back­ground, manip­u­late graph­ics, mod­i­fy the image, edit the image, draw and touch-ups with brush­es, resize the image and do many oth­er things. If you want to enjoy all these fea­tures, you can eas­i­ly down­load this app on your PC or lap­top for free.

Is GIMP Safe To Use?

Yes, GIMP is com­plete­ly safe to use if you down­load it from a legit and safe source.
GIMP is not a virus or mal­ware. It is a pho­to edit­ing soft­ware. How­ev­er, there are many sources avail­able on the inter­net from where you can down­load this app.
So, before you down­load it to your device, you need to exer­cise cau­tion and fol­low safe­ty mea­sures. For exam­ple, if you down­load it from an unknown or third-par­ty source, the file might con­tain a virus or mal­ware.
Because of this rea­son, you need to down­load this soft­ware only from trust­ed sources or the offi­cial web­sites, i.e. gimp​.org. This way, you will get the lat­est ver­sion of the soft­ware, which is safe to use.

Is GIMP Safe To Download On My Computer?

As GIMP is open-source soft­ware, safe­ty is a big con­cern. Any­body can eas­i­ly make changes in the orig­i­nal soft­ware and dis­trib­ute it from their site. They can eas­i­ly insert virus­es or mal­ware into the file pack­age.
You have to be very care­ful while down­load­ing GIMP on your com­put­er. It is safe to down­load on your com­put­er if you do it from gimp​.org. It is the offi­cial web­site from where you can down­load the soft­ware. Apart from that, you also need to use Mal­ware or Virus Detec­tion Soft­ware on your computer.

Safe Places to Download GIMP:

The safest place from where you can down­load GIMP is gimp​.org. It is the offi­cial web­site of GIMP.. You can vis­it this site to eas­i­ly down­load the file on your device. Make sure you don’t down­load it from an unknown web­site or third-par­ty source. The file on that site might con­tain mal­ware or virus. If you down­load it to your device, it will start caus­ing problems.

On gimp​.org, you will get the lat­est ver­sion of the soft­ware with all the new fea­tures. Even if you are down­load­ing GIMP from the offi­cial site, you need to keep your fire­walls on and scan your com­put­er before you install it. You also need to acti­vate virus pro­tec­tion soft­ware on your device and back­up all the impor­tant files. This is the safest way to down­load GIMP on your com­put­er for free and enjoy edit­ing images.

Gimp is not only a free image edi­tor, but it also has the capa­bil­i­ty to do things like paint and draw. It’s safe for your com­put­er or lap­top because of its open-source cod­ing (mean­ing you can see how it works). Give Gimp a try today!

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