How to Zoom in Photoshop

If you’re doing any serious editing in Photoshop, at some point you will want to zoom in to get a closer look at things. This is especially true when using the clone and heal tools. Whether you’re using Photoshop CC 2020, Photoshop CC 2018, or any other version of Photoshop, the steps are the same. Here’s how to zoom in and out in Photoshop.

How to zoom in and zoom out with keyboard shortcuts

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and zoom out in all editions of Photoshop:

ActionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Zoom inCtrl+ Plus (+) Cmd+ Plus (+)
Zoom outCtrl+ Minus (-)Cmd + Minus (-)
Zoom in to mouse pointSpacebar + Ctrl +
Spacebar+Cmd +
Zoom out from mouse pointSpacebar + Alt +
Spacebar + Option +

These keyboard shortcuts also work in many Photoshop alternatives, including GIMP and Krita.

Using the View menu to zoom in

Use the View menu to easily zoom in and zoom out.

You can also access the zoom options above via the View menu. Simply go to View -> Zoom In or View -> Zoom Out to zoom in or zoom out. There are also shortcuts to quickly jump to 100% view or 200% view.

Selecting “Fit on Screen” will choose the best match for your screen size. We use it quite frequently when we are unsure what zoom level to choose.

Using the zoom tool for click-to-zoom in Photoshop

The zoom tool lets you click where you would like to zoom.

Photoshop also has a dedicated tool for zooming in the tools palette. It looks like a magnifying glass. The zoom tool lets you click-to-zoom in on a particular part of the image. You can also zoom out in the same way, quickly fit an image to the screen, and fill the screen with the image.

How to zoom in Photoshop with the mouse wheel

If you’re mouse has a scroll wheel, you can also use this to zoom in Photoshop. On Mac, just press the “Option” key and scroll the wheel to quickly increase detail. Scroll backward to zoom out. Press Alt and scroll to do the same in Windows.

You can also scroll directly with the scroll wheel without using the keyboard through a special option in Photoshop settings. Press Ctrl + K (Cmd + K on Mac) access Photoshop Preferences and enable “Zoom with Scroll Wheel” in the Tools pane. This will let you scroll to your heart’s content without the need to press Option or Alt on your keyboard!

Other things to consider:

  • If you find yourself constantly needing to zoom in, consider decreasing your monitor’s resolution to increase the size of the picture displayed. Both Windows and Mac have other accessibility settings to increase picture size
  • Mac users can also configure magic gestures to zoom in. By default, Mac users can “pinch to zoom” to increase detail.
  • Some graphics tablets also have shortcuts for zooming in and out.

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