What is the best portable photo printer?

Look­ing to print pho­tos on-the-go? A portable pho­to print­er can be both a fun way to share moments and a pro­fes­sion­al tool to boost pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. Like all print­ers, though, choos­ing one isn’t easy. Here we will take a look at the best portable pho­to print­er mod­els and give advice for choos­ing the right one.

the gimp website is the safest place to donwload gimp

Is GIMP safe?

Do you want to make your pic­tures look good? Well, all you need is pho­to edit­ing soft­ware! Nowa­days, most peo­ple use pho­to edit­ing soft­ware to make their pic­tures look more crisp, beau­ti­ful and rede­fined. There are dif­fer­ent types of pho­to edit­ing soft­ware avail­able online. How­ev­er, most of the soft­ware is paid and expen­sive. If you want to pay for pho­to edit­ing soft­ware, you can use GIMP. How­ev­er, many peo­ple are con­cerned about the safe­ty of using GIMP as it is a free pro­gram. Here, we are going to dis­cuss if GIMP is safe to use and how to down­load it safe­ly on your computer.

Man holding a phone showing a camera roll

What is a camera roll?

This ques­tion pops up on cam­era forums and pho­tog­ra­phy blogs all the time. Many peo­ple ask them­selves “why can’t I find my cam­era roll?” when they first start using their new smart­phone, but with this arti­cle we hope to answer any ques­tions about what a cam­era roll is and why it’s impor­tant for photographers!

How to fix “Smart Object Must be Rasterized First” in Photoshop & Photopea

If you’re new to Pho­to­shop or Pho­to­pea, you might be per­plexed by one of the fol­low­ing errors: “smart object must be ras­ter­ized first”, “smart object must be ras­ter­ized,” or “this smart object must be ras­ter­ized before pro­ceed­ing.” Regard­less of the exact word­ing of the error, they all mean the same thing.

See below to learn why this com­mon error occurs and how to ras­ter­ize Smart Objects to fix the prob­lem and get back to editing.