How to vectorize an image

The first thing that comes to your mind when think­ing about a vec­tor image is Adobe Illus­tra­tor. This pro­fes­sion­al graph­ics soft­ware is used by almost every design­er on the plan­et and can seem a bit intim­i­dat­ing to any new users who want to learn some basic tasks like how to vec­tor­ize an image.

Person typing a keyboard shortcut

60+ Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

Pho­to­shop short­cuts can dra­mat­i­cal­ly boost your work­flow because they allow you to exe­cute a huge num­ber of tasks at the blink of an eye. Adobe Pho­to­shop has hun­dreds of key­board short­cuts. This is handy for experts but also very daunt­ing for novices. Thank­ful­ly many short­cuts are the same in Pho­to­shop as oth­er com­mon applications.

We’ve cho­sen the most impor­tant ones for Win­dows and Mac com­put­ers and high­light­ed them in this guide. Though these short­cuts may take some time to learn, it’s time well-invest­ed if you plan to spend any amount of time with Pho­to­shop or even oth­er apps such as Adobe XD. So let’s dive in and get started!

Image cred­it: Per­son Typ­ing on Wun­der­stock

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What is Adobe XD and what is it used for?

Have you tried Adobe XD yet? The appli­ca­tion is part of the design giant’s suite of appli­ca­tions. It meets a need which was being filled by addi­tion­al instru­ments like Sketch and Fig­ma. How­ev­er thanks to Adobe’s large cus­tomer base, XD is prov­ing itself a viable option.

Here, we’ll look at exact­ly what Adobe XD is — and isn’t — to help you dis­cov­er whether this tool might be worth research­ing. Whether you are already sold on Adobe XD and need to learn more, or you’re weigh­ing it up against the pros and cons of oth­er tools, we’ll give you a help­ful intro­duc­tion to earn the deci­sion easy.

How to Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service on Mac & Windows 10

Adobe is incor­po­rat­ing Adobe Gen­uine Soft­ware Integri­ty Ser­vice using its newest prod­ucts. The sup­port is prin­ci­pal­ly made to dis­cour­age pira­cy and also for mon­i­tor­ing that gen­uine soft­ware is paid for. But occa­sion­al­ly, you could face some Adobe Gen­uine Soft­ware Integri­ty Ser­vice prob­lems on your Mac or Win­dows com­put­er, even in the event that you’ve got valid copies of Adobe prod­ucts. Here’s how to fix it.

Adobe Photoshop Torrent: What to Know in 2021

So, you’re look­ing for a Pho­to­shop tor­rent? You’re not alone. The high cost of Adobe Pho­to­shop and lack of pay­ment options (not every­one has a cred­it card) make it one of the most pop­u­lar down­loads on tor­rent sites such as The Pirate Bay. In this arti­cle we will the best places to find Pho­to­shop tor­rents in 2021, poten­tial down­sides to tor­rent­ing (includ­ing how to avoid virus­es), and oth­er tips for down­load­ing Pho­to­shop for free.

Fea­ture pho­to: Soft­ware Down­load by The Focal Project

How to mirror an image in Word

You are prob­a­bly aware that you can do dif­fer­ent pho­to manip­u­la­tion tech­niques in Pho­to­shop (such as flip­ping an image). But have you ever thought about doing the same process in Microsoft Word? Although Word is fair­ly lim­it­ed in its pho­to-edit­ing poten­tial, there are a cou­ple of less­er-known fea­tures you can use to cre­ate a stun­ning mir­ror image effect with­out the need to down­load oth­er apps.

How to Clear the Scratch Disk in Photoshop

If you’ve used Pho­to­shop for any amount of time, you’ve prob­a­bly encoun­tered the dread­ed “scratch disk is full“ error at least once. This error can even stop you from open­ing the app and occurs in all ver­sions of Pho­to­shop on both Win­dows and Mac. It’s fre­quent­ly encoun­tered when increas­ing image res­o­lu­tion in Pho­to­shop or trying