How to Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service on Mac & Windows 10

Adobe is incor­po­rat­ing Adobe Gen­uine Soft­ware Integri­ty Ser­vice using its newest prod­ucts. The sup­port is prin­ci­pal­ly made to dis­cour­age pira­cy and also for mon­i­tor­ing that gen­uine soft­ware is paid for. But occa­sion­al­ly, you could face some Adobe Gen­uine Soft­ware Integri­ty Ser­vice prob­lems on your Mac or Win­dows com­put­er, even in the event that you’ve got valid copies of Adobe prod­ucts. Here’s how to fix it.

What exactly is the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service, anyway?

The error reads, “The Adobe soft­ware you are using is not genuine”

The Adobe Gen­uine Soft­ware Integri­ty Ser­vice con­nects with license ver­i­fi­ca­tion servers at Adobe to ensure your prod­ucts (Pho­to­shop, Acro­bat, etc.) are gen­uine. If you get this noti­fi­ca­tion, Adobe has assumed through the val­i­da­tion pro­ce­dure your soft­ware was altered or hacked, your account or key is stolen or obstruct­ed, and the user does not com­ply with the licens­ing pro­vi­sions. This error com­mon­ly appears if you down­loaded a Pho­to­shop tor­rent, for example.

Adobe uti­lizes a wide range of tech­nol­o­gy, ser­vices and capac­i­ties that may ascer­tain whether an installed Adobe mer­chan­dise is authen­tic. Besides this noti­fi­ca­tion, users can watch the ver­i­fi­ca­tion pro­ce­dure run­ning in their action mon­i­tor or activ­i­ty man­ag­er through the Adobe gen­uine soft­ware integri­ty service.

This mes­sage will dis­rupt your work­flow and also inter­fere with each launch of Adobe pro­grams. This is very frus­trat­ing if you do in fact have a gen­uine Adobe prod­uct that you paid for.

How to disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service in Windows 10

Most Win­dows 10 users have report­ed that the fol­low­ing error mes­sage: “The Adobe appli­ca­tions you’re using isn’t gen­uine.” This error mes­sage may pop­up on your mon­i­tor even in the event that you’ve pur­chased legit­i­mate copies of Adobe prod­ucts. Employ the fol­low­ing approach­es to solve this prob­lem once and for all:

  1. Open the Search bar in Win­dows. Input“services” from the search box.
  2. A win­dow will be opened using a list of sev­er­al avail­able ser­vices. Select the “Stan­dard” tab in the base.
  3. Right-click with this spe­cif­ic ser­vice to start the con­text menu, then decide on the“Properties” option from the listing.
  4. Restart your com­put­er. The gen­uine soft­ware mes­sage should no longer appear when you open Adobe applications

How to disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service in Mac OS X

The method for dis­abling the Adobe gen­uine soft­ware error on Mac is very sim­i­lar to the pro­ce­dure in Windows:

  1. Open the Find­er pro­gram by click­ing on the icon which will appear from the menu of the pri­ma­ry screen.
  2. From the nav­i­ga­tion bar, you will under­stand that the“Move” alternative.
  3. Choose Appli­ca­tion Support>Adobe>AdobeGCCClient in the fold­ers which appear.
  4. Pub­lish the“AdobeGCCClient” fold­er and then elim­i­nate it in the trash.

That’s it! The error will no longer appear.

Pho­to: Turned-on Imac Screen by Jakob-Owens

Alternative Method: Use LittleSnitch to block Adobe Software Integrity Service checks

Lit­tle Snitch can block requests to Adobe ver­i­fi­ca­tion servers.

If either of the meth­ods above don’t work for you, one easy solu­tion is to use Lit­tleSnitch  on Mac or NetLim­iter on Win­dows to block con­nec­tions to the Adobe ver­i­fi­ca­tion servers.

Just install the pro­gram and then start your Adobe prod­uct. Go to Lit­tleSnitch or NetLim­iter. Block all Adobe check­er tasks from access­ing the web. That’s it!

As stat­ed pre­vi­ous­ly, Adobe real pop-up usu­al­ly appears in the event that you do not have a real ver­sion of Adobe appli­ca­tions, and when that is true, your very best option is to fol­low the link giv­en in this win­dow or con­tact Adobe support.

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